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Final Project
For your final project, you will use our discussions of how rhetoric has been used in the texts of adolescent fiction to explore the ways in which writers and readers structure this genre through the uses of rhetoric.  Final_Project.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0
Text Response
For this course, you are required to compose a text response for each of the assigned pieces of fiction.  These responses will be used as a way to begin conversation about the texts we will be reading.  The purpose of a text response is to begin discussion about the text before we enter classroom discussion, as we will always be short on time with everything there is to say about these texts. 
Digital Response
For this text response, you will “read” one of our course texts in a digital format.  Because so many contemporary adolescents are utilizing a digital literacy, this is a good opportunity for you to address how a mode different from the traditional text form might change how stories are told and how they work rhetorically. 
Audience Analysis
For this assignment, you will be doing research to discover who the audience might be that reads contemporary young adult fiction.  By researching the audience for young adult fiction, you will be better grounded as we analyze these texts, having an understanding of not only who the audience of these texts are, but also what the audience expect of the books they read.  Audience_Analysis.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0
Author Analysis
In the same style as your Audience Analysis, you will do research to discover who the authors might be that write contemporary young adult fiction.  By researching the authors of young adult fiction, you will be better grounded as we analyze these texts, having an understanding of not only who the authors of these texts are, but also what influence the authors have in constructing contemporary adolescence.
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WRRH322: Adolescent Literature
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February 2:  Perks of Being a Wallflower
February 18: Push: A Novel
March 4:  Annie On My Mind; Rainbow Boys
March 25:  The Hunger Games
March 30:  Persepolis
Flash Fiction Exercise
WRRH322, Spring 2010
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