Mon, 4/5

    in class Web Project workshop

READ:  Williams, Web:  Ch 14

DUE:  Wireframing (hard copy)

Week Thirteen

Fri, 4/30

    open workshop, Digital Storytelling Project

DUE:  final three course blog responses

Mon, 4/26

    Intro Digital Storytelling Project

Fri, 4/9

    in class Web Project workshop

    IT in class for file management discussion

READ:  Website Evaluation (WEB)

             Williams, Web:  Ch 13

Fri, 4/23

    continue After Effects tutorial

Mon, 4/19

    Intro to After Effects

READ:  After Effects Basics (WEB)

Fri, 4/2

    iWeb follow up

    in class Web Project workshop

Mon, 3/29

    out-of-class workshop

READ:  iWeb Basics (WEB)

             Williams, Design:  Ch 4 thru 7

             Sitemapping and Wireframing

DUE:  at least three course blog responses by this date

Fri, 4/16

    Kinetic Typography Project (cont)

READ:  Williams, Type: Ch 18 through end

DUE:  Website Project

Mon, 4/12

    Intro Kinetic Typography Project

READ:  Kinetic Typography Project (WEB)

             Helfand:  “Electronic Typography” 

             277 (VRDW)

Fri, 3/26

    out-of-class workshop

READ:  Web Design Tips (WEB)

             Williams, Web:  “Section Two” 75

Mon, 3/22

    Intro Website Project

    Web Design Basics

READ:  Website Project  (WEB)

             Williams, Design:  Ch 1 thru 3

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Spring 2010

Instructor:  Michele Polak 


Office/Hours:  205A  Smith Hall  TTh 1:30-2:45p & by Appt

Office Phone:  781-3181

Section 01/3659  1:25-2:50p  M, F  9 Rosenberg

WRRH205:  Rhetorical Bytes

Digital Rhetorics & Writing With New Technologies

Weekly Syllabus

    (Subject to Change)

   *all projects DUE at the start of class unless otherwise indicated

Week One

Fri, 1/22


    Intro to course theme

    Intro to course syllabus

    Intro to course website

Mon, 1/25

    Writing with new technologies

READ:  Course Syllabus  (WEB)

             Goodstein: Ch 6

             Kelly: “Becoming Screen Literate”  (WEB)

DUE:  questions about course syllabus

Week Two

Fri, 1/29

    Visual rhetoric in the writing classroom

READ:  Handa: “Introduction”  1 (VRDW)

             Stroupe: “Visualizing English”  13 (VRDW)

Mon, 2/1

    Assessing digital media

READ: Shauf: “Problem of Electronic

            Argument”  364 (VRDW)

Week Three

Fri, 2/5

    Intro Social Network Site Analysis

READ:  Social Network Site Analysis (WEB)

             Goodstein: Ch 1 thru 3

Mon, 2/8

    Cyberculture:  Web 2.0

READ:  Stone: “The Children of Cyberspace” 


             Rothstein:  “In the Mind of the High-Tech

             Child”  (WEB)

DUE:  at least three course blog responses by this date

Week Four

Fri, 2/12

    Images in cultural context

READ:  Barthes: “Rhetoric of the Image” 

             152 (VRDW)

Mon, 2/15

    Multimodal texts

    Intro Podcast Project

READ:  Podcast Project (WEB)

             Kress: “Multimodality”  38 (VRDW)

DUE:  Social Network Site Analysis

Week Five

Fri, 2/19

    Podcast Project group assignments

Mon, 2/22

    Intro to Garage Band

READ:  Garage Band Basics  WEB)

Week Six

Fri, 2/26

    continue Garage Band tutorial

    sign up for studio space by this date, if needed

Mon, 3/1

    in class Podcast Project workshop

Week Seven

Fri, 3/5

    in class Podcast Project workshop (final chance

    to meet with your group face-to-face before

    scripts are due in the evening.)

DUE:  Podcast Project script, emailed to me

          by midnight

Mon, 3/8


READ:  Williams, Type:  Intro through Ch 7

Week Eight

Fri, 3/12

    Typography (cont)

READ:  Keedy: “Rules of Typography”  272 (VRDW)

             Williams, Type:  Ch 8 thru Ch 17

DUE:  Podcast Project

Mon, 3/15 to Fri, 3/19,   Spring Break

Week Nine

Week Ten

Week Eleven

Week Twelve

Week Fourteen

Week Fifteen

Mon, 5/3

    Course Evaluations

    Closing Reflections

Week Sixteen

Finals Week


Wed, 5/12

DUE: Digital Storytelling Project and Website Project revisions URL, emailed by 3p