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Spring 2010

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WRRH205:  Rhetorical Bytes

Digital Rhetorics & Writing With New Technologies

For this project, you will create a website which incorporates the ideas of digital literacy and visual rhetoric that we have been reading from our theorists this semester.  You will want to decide on the purpose of your project and then consider how you will apply the rhetorical appeals as you create your own form of hybrid texts for a broad—and very public—audience.

Your Website Project should result from the culmination of the composition and rhetorical theory we have been reading all semester concerning digital texts and how they incorporate various forms of hybrid literacy.  The design theory that you will be reading the second half of the semester will help structure the visual ideas that you have for this project.  You should aim to incorporate some of the formats that have come from the design theory such as:  how typography works within design structures; balancing proximity, alignment, repetition and contrast within your layout; and how color and image comes into play within the visual element.

To begin, you are responsible for creating a homepage for your website.  Your website homepage should include:

a connecting theme that encompasses the same argument, issue or problem.  Your theme should be evident to the site reader.  You should aim to consider the rhetorical choices you will make concerning if the site theme will be direct or implied to the reader.

at least one image should be part of the homepage layout.

links to the remaining pages of the website.  While you are welcome to have external links on your homepage, make sure that the internal links connect to the other pages in your site.

For your internal website pages, you should plan on designing and creating at least four pages (though you are certainly allowed more than four pages and most people will indeed create more than the required four).  You may link your pages in whatever fashion you choose.  Your internal website pages should include:

a minimum of one image should be part of each page layout.

a minimum of three external links somewhere within your collective pages.  As you begin to surf the web over the next few weeks, be sure to note any pages to which you might want to link.

an internal link that connects back to the website homepage

There are several pieces/parts to this project that will include various documents both for reference and instruction.  The tentative schedule is as follows:

WEEK 10:

Introduce Website Project

Basic web design discussion in class.  We will be looking at various websites in class for ideas.

Introduce wireframes.  You will only have one week to work with your wireframes which means you will need to get focused on your website idea within that time!  Having an idea for your website by the end of this week is advisable.

WEEK 11:

Learn iWeb.  It is very possible to get into the software and create your site within a week’s time.  In the past, my students were able to learn enough within these workshops to fulfill the criteria for this assignment.  Note that I am teaching you the most basic of this software’s potential; you are certainly welcome to move beyond the in-class instruction for learning to use this software.  The web is full of simple tutorials.  If you find something you would like to do in your website, we will work to make it happen.  If I don’t know how to do it, together we’ll figure it out.

WEEK 12:

Continue working on websites.

WEEK 13:

Project DUE at the beginning of class on Friday.

Finals week:

Revisions.  You need to update all server files by the final due date:  Wed, May 12 by 3p.

If you are worried that you will struggle with the software end of this project, please don’t panic.  I have chosen iWeb as the web construction software for this project purposely because of its ease of usability.  Not only do I know this software well, many of your classmates have also used iWeb in other courses so do not hesitate to ask questions.  I am always available during class and during office hours to help get you acclimated to this software program!

URL Emailed to me

DUE: Friday, April 16

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