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Spring 2010

Instructor:  Michele Polak 

Email:  polak@hws.edu

Office/Hours:  205A  Smith Hall  TTh 1:30-2:45p & by Appt

Office Phone:  781-3181

Section 01/3659  1:25-2:50p  M, F  9 Rosenberg

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WRRH205:  Rhetorical Bytes

Digital Rhetorics & Writing With New Technologies

The Digital Classroom

Technology. In this section of WRRH205, we will be paperless, utilizing the digital technologies that are available to us in our classroom.  I advise you to save all your work and back up your files often on whatever digital back up source you have purchased for this class (see Required Materials listed in this syllabus).  As technology is not always 100% reliable, having a copy of a completed assignment will save you the risk of receiving an F on an assignment that is not handed in on time due to technological errors.  I will not change my Late Policy if you have problems with lost files on your computer—this will get you into the habit of backing up your electronic work!  For this class, you should frequently check your HWS email account, as I will notify you of any important class changes through your HWS email address.

Course Website. All of the assignments for this course can be found on our course website (see Required Materials listed in this syllabus for the URL).  Criteria for each assignment is listed on the website with a link to the .pdf file, downloadable for printing or archiving on your own computer.  You can also find links to both the Course Blog and the Student Center, which contains links to general writing documents and other general course information.

Should you wish access to all of the course .pdf documents in one folder, I will provide you with the password to my Public iDisk folder, server space in which I have uploaded all the documents required for this course.

Course Blackboard Site. While the course website will be where you will find most of the information for this course, I will activate our course Blackboard site so that I may update the class on any assignment changes or late-breaking news; if you have not activated your HWS email, please do so as it is the only email account that can be used through Blackboard. You have been automatically added to Blackboard.