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Spring 2010

Instructor:  Michele Polak 

Email:  polak@hws.edu

Office/Hours:  205A  Smith Hall  TTh 1:30-2:45p & by Appt

Office Phone:  781-3181

Section 01/3659  1:25-2:50p  M, F  9 Rosenberg

WRRH205:  Rhetorical Bytes

Digital Rhetorics & Writing With New Technologies

Course Policies

Revising. You are welcome to bring any project at any stage of progress to my office for me to read; there are no limitations on how many drafts I will read.  I will be glad to comment and help you make revisions.  Taking advantage of this opportunity will assure you the grade you desire for this course.  Please note that I will only be able to help you properly revise if you meet with me in person.  I will accept no drafts by email.

I encourage you to also take advantage of the great writing assistance resources that we have on campus.  Hobart and William Smith Colleges encourage students to seek the academic collaboration and resources that will enable them to demonstrate their best work. Students who would like to enhance their study skills, writing skills, or have other academic inquiries should contact the CTL. You can visit the CTL web site to learn more about the services and programs that are available.

Late Work. All assignments are due at the beginning of the class on the assigned due date.  If you are absent the day that something is due, you are still required to email your projects to me by the beginning of class.  Late projects are NOT ACCEPTED except under extraordinary circumstances and only after prearranged negotiations with me.

Attendance.  We cannot form a community of voices if the members of the community do not show up.  Attendance for this course is mandatory.  You will be allowed three absences over the course of the semester (no distinctions will be made between excused and unexcused absences, so use these three days wisely).  Each subsequent absence will drop your final grade by a full letter grade.  If you are absent, you are responsible for what you missed.

Plagiarism. Plagiarism is an extremely serious offense that could result in an F for your course grade.  You have to do your own work and appropriately identify work that is collaborative, borrowed, or copied from other sources.  Obviously, when you use words, citations, or even ideas from other sources, you are under the legal and ethical obligation to identify these sources according to citation norms.  I take plagiarism very seriously.  If you have any questions at any time about what or what may not constitute plagiarism, please do not hesitate to ask me.  Your best bet is to just not do it.  I’m serious.  Don’t even try it. 

Keep in contact with me. I am always available to meet with you.  If you cannot meet with me during office hours, I will be glad to arrange another time that is convenient.  If you are having problems meeting the course requirements, please come talk with me ASAP.  Keep in mind that should you come to me during Week 12 to discuss how to improve your grade, it will most likely be too late.  Keeping an “open line of communication” will help ease any fears or frustrations you may have about this course.

Disability Accommodations. I am very willing to make accommodations to those with disabilities.  If you are a student with a disability for which you may need accommodations, you should self-identify and register for services with the Coordinator of Disability Services at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), and provide documentation of your disability.  Disability related accommodations and services generally will not be provided until the registration and documentation process is complete. The guidelines for documenting disabilities can be found at the HWS Disabilities Services website.